How Much Does Cost? Logo was the worlds first ever online dating site founded over 17 years ago now. Yes it is a paid dating site, but despite this its popularity continues to flourish since most members here are much more serious about dating and are interested in long-term relationships rather than casual encounters and one night stands.

Fortunately the monthly subscription prices are not going to break the bank, and also cost considerably less than a good night out, but with the odds of meeting someone one thousand times higher.

USA/Canada Subscription Prices 2014

$20.99 per month for a 12 month subscription (Save 63%)
$23.99 per month for a 6 month subscription (Save 58%) + Guarantee!
$26.99 per month for a 3 month subscription (Save 53%)
$41.99 per month for a 1 month subscription

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UK Subscription Prices 2014

£12.99 a month with a 6 month membership (56% Saving)
£19.99 a month with a 3 month membership (33% Saving)
£29.99 a month with a 1 month membership

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If you join today you can make use of their free trial deal to test drive the site and check out members living close by, perhaps that hot girl or guy across the street from you is already a member! :)

The prices for a single months membership are considerably more expensive than taking the three or six month options. Which is fine, as a single months membership is unlikely to lead to you finding your soulmate, unless you are very lucky! I would recommend three months bare minimum if you are on a budget, and six months if you have a little more change to spare. Rome was not built in a day, and the love of your life will not be found in a day either.

Also just because you have joined one of the largest and most popular dating sites on the planet, this does not guarantee you success. You do still need to make the effort! Try to contact at least five people per week, if you do this, your chances of success before your subscription expires will be so much better.

Mini Review

If you are new to online dating then you are really going to love Millions of single men and women are practically at your finger tips. Extensive search options allow you to filter members by age, location, interests, religion, height, and even eye and hair color if you are really choosy.

Members age from 18 to 80 years old, with an even 50:50 split between the sexes. There are millions of active members on the site every single day, and over 90% are serious about finding a partner for the long-term. This is definitely not a site for one night flings.

The site itself is very intuitive, even if you are new to dating online you will be up and running in no time at all. There are mobile apps available too for the iPhone, Android, Nokia and Windows phones; so you can check on your new messages even when you are out and about, or at work!

No dating site is free from scammers, but do a great job at identifying and promptly removing them. Just remember if it sounds too good to be true, it most likely is.

So just to sum it up, if you are serious about putting your singleton days behind you, then you really don’t need to look much further than

How Much Does eHarmony Cost?

eHarmony is the leading dating site for singles seeking long-term relationships. It’s also a very reputable dating site and one of only a handful that are not inundated with fake profiles and scammers trying to rip you off.

But this popularity comes with a price tag attached, because eHarmony is a paid dating site and therefore a subscription is required to make full use of their awesome service.

But don’t stress too much, as eHarmony costs a lot less per month than a crazy night out. And you are also one hundred times more likely to meet someone with whom you share common interests on eHarmony then you are in your local bar.

Here are the current UK and USA/Canada subscription prices for eHarmony in 2014.

eHarmony UK Subscription Prices 2014

£12.95 per month for a 12 month subscription
£28.95 per month for a 6 month subscription
£36.95 per month for a 3 month subscription
£44.95 per month for a 1 month subscription

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eHarmony USA/Canada Subscription Prices 2014

$9.95 per month for a 24 month subscription
$18.95 per month for a 12 month subscription
$39.95 per month for a 6 month subscription
$59.95 per month for a 1 month subscription

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Joining for a single month makes very little sense, as one it’s very expensive, and two it’s unlikely that you will meet your dream partner in such a short time frame. I’d therefore recommend going for 6 month or 12 month subscription offers.

Short Review

If you are newbie to the world of internet dating then you are going to love eHarmony. As one of the most popular dating sites in America, there are millions of single members on the site all looking for someone special. These members are most definitely not looking for one night stands, so if that’s what you want, a site like Plenty of Fish would be a better choice for you.

Members on the site are aged from 18 to 80 years old and there’s an even 50:50 split between the sexes. Fake members are most definitely in the minority, and the site is well administered so fake members and scammers are booted off pretty quick.

Using the site is really easy, although the long questionnaire that you need to complete on joining requires a very large mug of coffee and a few biscuits. But since the personality questionnaire is used to help match you with similar members on the site, you really do need to answer honestly here.

To summarize, if you are tired of being single, and are seeking a partner for longer than a single night, then eHarmony is one if not the best dating site out there.

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Cost of membership at and what you’re missing out on being single

Whether you’ve opted to stay single, just been through a divorce, ended a relationship or become widowed doesn’t mean you have to stay on your own for the rest of your life. Especially when membership prices at are really low right now, so how much does it cost to join A lot less than you think! With monthly subscriptions starting from just £12.99 per month.

You may at times feel quite lonely and long for someone to chat to or take you out for the evening, don’t despair help is now at hand via online dating websites. Being single can be tough at times especially when friends and relatives are getting engaged or married so don’t miss out, get in touch with a dating site now.

Improve your social life and get back on the dating scene by surfing the web and checking out profiles of like-minded people who are searching for love, friendship or even marriage. This can be easily done from the comfort of your own armchair, there is no need to go to bars, singles clubs or discos to try to meet someone. There are literally thousands of people living all around the world who are in a similar situation and have found the perfect partner via an online dating website, so this is definitely one of the best if not THE BEST option for you.

What you can expect with online dating?
You can expect to find someone who is just perfect for you when you browse online, but remember to be realistic and optimistic as many people look for qualities in a partner that they themselves have. Don’t be too disappointed if it takes a few dates before you discover your soul mate, it takes time to match your dreams up with a real, live person.

For those people who have specific ideas of finding Mr or Miss Right it’s necessary to take online dating seriously, check out profiles and photographs to get a better idea of the type of person you’re looking for. Being single has some benefits but being with someone who cares for you is so much better, see what you’re missing by reading what’s on offer from online dating sites, things many of us take for granted are waiting for single people to enjoy such as:-

• Having a shoulder to cry on
• Having someone to talk to
• Being able to enjoy evenings out
• Waking up with someone beside you

It’s often very difficult for some people to find the right person to date, using online dating can make this a lot easier, you get to know someone before actually meeting them which can help greatly for those who are a little shy. Being single can mean you miss out on so many things, men and women of all ages don’t like going out on their own say to a restaurant or bar, they feel as though they stick out like a sore thumb. Cinemas and theatres are also out of the question as singles feel lonely especially if a film is a bit scary and there’s no-one to hold on to. There’s no pressure involved when you meet someone via a dating website, you can take your time, get to know them before actually meeting them in person, so it’s good news all round.

Enjoy the future
Once you’ve met your date and found you have lots in common then begin to enjoy a rosy future together if you feel you have eventually found what you have been looking for. You won’t miss out on being single anymore, feeling lonely and unwanted, why not go out in the evenings or stay at home having a cosy time in front of the TV with the new man or woman in your life. Alternatively taking holidays and seeing the world with the new love of your life is such a rewarding experience and one that will bring you closer in sharing life’s dreams.

The future is sure to look brighter when you no longer miss out on the excitement and joys of being with a person you truly love taking every opportunity to spend lots of time together and doing interesting things. Using an online dating agency brings many men and women together who otherwise wouldn’t have met up, so don’t be left on the shelf make contact today and register your profile online.

It’s your choice
Once you’ve registered your profile and details online it’s up to you to specify the kind of person you’re looking for, whether it’s for a long lasting relationship or just to spend time on a few dates. Choose a man or woman who has a personality that appeals to you, take into account their age, lifestyle and where they work, these all go a long way in finding that special person who could become a large part of your life. If you’re after someone to accompany you to a special occasion this can also be arranged online via a dating agency.

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